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d2jsp.org was founded in 2002 by Paul Taulborg and is a support forum for all games, whether through trading, tournaments, discussion or information. We have changed and grown into the largest gaming and trading community on the Internet.

d2jsp.org is currently a huge international social network community and trading nexus, which focuses around an economy based on d2jsp Forum Gold. Players can buy and trade Forum Gold for numerous goods and services across a diverse platform of online games and users.

d2jsp is also the home of Ladder Slasher, a free competitive hack and slash style RPG.
Site Updates [Apr 24 - May 25] by njaguar
26 days ago

It has been another busy month here, with lots of things to share. We still have tons more to work on, so next month should be equally as busy. Here is the next digest of updates from the past month or so:

Public Changes [April 24 2018 - May 25 2018]:
  • Added new Site Features help document for The Private Message System and its Features (Apr 16 2018) This was missed on last announcement
  • Added two new random events for Ladder Slasher: +% Minimum/Maximum Base Quality of Welled Item (Apr 24 2018)
  • You can no longer send or receive forum gold in amounts < 10fg to users on your Block List (Apr 24 2018)
  • Fixed Cloudflare error message CSS (Apr 24 2018)
  • Fixed PHP error message CSS (Apr 24 2018)
  • Added guild points to user profiles as described in this site suggestion (Apr 25 2018) (Removed Apr 27 2018)
  • Revamped the Ladder Slasher character list to be mobile friendly and made it back to default (Apr 25 2018)
  • Made the Ladder Slasher character tile list have more consistent display and wording to the character list and page (Apr 25 2018)
  • The Ladder Slasher character list, tile, and profile pages now all use "Red" if the character is Hardcore (Apr 25 2018)
  • Cleaned up the Post a Note box on Guild Topics to be consistent between Forum style and Condensed style (Apr 25 2018)
  • Added preview functionality to guild topic notes as well as multi account reports as requested in this site suggestion (Apr 25 2018)
  • Reverted the incorrect Dutch translation of the Hourly Raffle FAQ back to english (Apr 25 2018)
  • Added a new forum called Black Desert (Apr 26 2018)
  • Added a feature that will allow you to add Bold, Red and Italic topic title features to an old topic. To do so simply edit your post and click "Preview Edit" or make a new post and click "Preview Post" and the options will appear (Apr 26 2018)
  • Updated gold log comments for Ladder Slasher "LS Item Sale" and "LS Item Purchase" entries to now be dynamically linked (Apr 26 2018)
  • When using the "Preview Note" feature on guild topics it will now return to the bottom of the page when displaying the preview (Apr 26 2018)
  • When using the "Preview Note" feature from a specific page within a guild topic it will now return to that same page when displaying the preview (Apr 26 2018)
  • Redesigned Ladder Slasher character tile list to be more condensed and with a standard css usage to resolve a style issue as reported here (Apr 27 2018)
  • Added a new feature that allows you to export your gold logs to a .csv file (Apr 30 2018)
  • Add two new random events for Ladder Slasher: +% Trapdoor Minimum/Maximum Monster Level (May 2 2018)
  • Renamed the old "Fall of Oriath Beta Trading" forum to Race Event Trading for Path of Exile (May 4 2018)
  • Added trade tabs and the ability to request a mediator to the Hearthstone forum (May 7 2018)
  • Changing Your Avatar now gives you a real time preview (May 15 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where the user profile image was showing as avatar size instead of 192x192px (May 15 2018)
  • The security code input box on the Register, Validation, Lost Password pages now only accept numbers for input (May 17 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Herolinda Members++ -> Trade Assistant (May 17 2018)
  • Added Maps to the Item page for the Ladder Slasher guide section (May 18 2018)
  • The security code input box on the Login page now only accepts numbers for input (May 18 2018)
  • Security code length reduced from 8 to 6 characters where applicable (May 19 2018)
  • The security code input box on the Contact and Recovery pages now only accept numbers (May 19 2018)
  • Minor UI cleanup on the contact page (May 19 2018)
  • Account Recovery form: Fixed security code help description not displaying when clicking the input box (May 19 2018)
  • Updated Google push notifications endpoint from GCM (deprecated) to Firebase (FCM) (May 21 2018)
  • Made formatting updates to the Site Disclaimer to make it more readable and fix some symbol rendering issues (May 21 2018)
  • Added a Privacy Policy to the Site Disclaimer (May 21 2018)
  • Added new "Top" and "Bottom" buttons to all topics and guild topics. The old "Top" button was also removed from each individual post (May 22 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Yakir Members++ -> Trade Assistant (May 23 2018)
  • Added new Site Feature Guide called Push Notifications special thanks to Yakir for putting this together (May 23 2018)
  • Redesigned and added a Preview to the Change Orb Settings as requested in this site suggestion topic (May 25 2018)

We have much planned for the next few months, so stay tuned!

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
Site Updates [Mar 15th - Apr 23rd] by njaguar
Apr 23 2018
Hello everyone!

Many of you know that we have been constantly making changes, additions, and bug fixes throughout the years. Some of these you see, some you probably missed, but there are hundreds to thousands of updates a year that never get posted about. I rarely posted official announcements except for what I felt were large and important updates. In the past I did not want to slow down and document each minutia. The good news is that we are changing that moving forward, and will start keeping you up to date with the public facing changes that are being made on an ongoing basis. Kevin has been helping me with documenting these, and this has made this task much easier for me as a result. The goal is to periodically post these updates so you can quickly see what all changes are occurring.

Without further ado I present to you the first digest of updates:

Public Changes [March 15th - April 23rd]:
  • New Trusted Member: RistVaLL (Mar 15 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Phyerox Members -> Members++ (Mar 19 2018)
  • You can now force the system to send your "stuck" pending notifications by clicking on the red text beside your desired device (Mar 19 2018)
  • Ladder Slasher Update Live: v1.30.2 (Mar 21 2018)
  • Modified the header to be more compact and clean looking (Mar 27 2018)
  • Updated the guild pages so they now use the standard error message output (Mar 27 2018)
  • Fixed the blank spaces that showed up in the footer of guild topics when Guests viewed them (Mar 28 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: Culinary (Mar 29 2018)
  • Updated error messages to be mobile friendly (Mar 29 2018)
  • Updated the "Report Post" page to be mobile friendly (Mar 29 2018)
  • Added a new forum called Pendoria (Apr 2 2018)
  • SC Ladder was reset by: Bob888 (Apr 6 2018)
  • Added a new forum called Fortnite (Apr 9 2018)
  • Ladder Slasher Update Live: v1.30.3 (Apr 17 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Arkhen Trade Assistant -> Trade Moderator (Apr 19 2018)
  • Added "6 Months" and "1 Year" options to the Tracker (Apr 23 2018)
  • Added "MQ Attempts" to the ladder slasher character profile view as per the suggestion (Apr 23 2018)
  • Updated the ladder slasher character profile page to be mobile friendly (Apr 23 2018)
  • Updated all ladder slasher character profile images to now be dynamically linked. You shouldn't see any insecure notices in the URL bar anymore (Apr 23 2018)
  • Changed the default view on the ladder slasher character list page from "List Format" -> "Tile Format" (Apr 23 2018)
  • Added some padding to the footer as described in this site suggestion (Apr 23 2018)
New Feature: Push Notifications by njaguar
Mar 24 2016
Hey all,

I am pleased to announce that you can now receive Push Notifications for various things on d2jsp. This feature replaces the Instant Messenger with regards to getting instant notifications. It also greatly expands the feature-set to include subscribed topics, guild topics, and notifications when someone quotes you in a topic.

This feature is currently only supported by Chrome and Firefox, v44+. Note that Firefox isn't as solid or reliable as Google's. *Safari only supports this for their desktop version, so it's honestly not worth messing with at this time. If they decide to implement it for iOS, I will definitely add support for it. Other browsers simply do not support this feature at this time. Sorry.

What does this mean? This means that you can get notifications of things on d2jsp without refreshing, and without even having to have a d2jsp tab open! All that is required is on the PC to have your browser open, and on an android phone just having internet access!

You can subscribe for push events here:

Please note, you need to use this page and subscribe on each device you want to get notified on, and each has their own independent notification settings. For instance, you can register for notifications on your PC and your phone, etc. Each will receive the notification independently.

Also, in case you missed it, new Customer perks and a Verified status was recently added:

Thanks, hope you enjoy it!!

If you would like to donate to njaguar's great efforts and work, please click the link below.
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